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Acabats Ben Fet

What we do?

In Acabats Ben Fet we are dedicated to finished fabric: Raschel, Ketten, Plain and Jacquard. With long flocked hair, shaving polishing and buffing, sheared.

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Acabats Ben Fet


We have styled machine for highlight + EXTENSIL and flat embossing machine with stamping secadero.Tambien Glitter and we are dedicated to the assembly, processing and maintenance of machinery and technical advice for projects commissioning of lines and / or production of finished plants Raschel and Jacquard fabric.

Acabats Ben Fet

Personal attention

In our company we know that each person is unique, as are their preferences, so, listen carefully to your requests and perform finished textiles that meet and even exceed their expectations. Contact us at Bocairent.

Where we are

Calle Doctor Fleming, acceso n.° 2
Apartado de correos 93
46880 BOCAIRENT (Valencia)
 962 905 324
620 874 820